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  • Ginger Baker - Master Drum Technique
    A unique chance to study with an all-time drum legend! The great rock drummer takes you through a wide range of techniques, from paradiddles, beat displacement, and tom-tom technique through African rhythms,...
    List Price: $24.95Your Price: $22.46 with coupon
    • Series: Music Sales America
  • The Blues Guitar Styles of Memphis Minnie
    Memphis Minnie was one of the greatest fingerpicking guitarists of the 20th century, part of the backbone of African American blues history. Del Rey knows her songs and styles better than anyone, and she bri...
    List Price: $29.95Your Price: $26.96 with coupon
    • Series: Homespun Tapes
    • Subtitle: Unlocking Dazzling Songs, Licks and Solos of a Master Musician
  • Alex Skolnick of Testament - Jazz Guitar
    Alex Skolnick is world renowned for creating an unprecedented blend of Metal and traditional Jazz. On his first-ever instructional program, Alex shares his perspectives and secrets for conquering Jazz guitar...
    List Price: $29.99Your Price: $26.99 with coupon
    • Series: Rock House
    • Subtitle: Breaking the Traditional Barriers
  • Rusty Cooley - Arpeggio Madness
    Jam packed with the most complete advanced collection of arpeggios ever! Rusty Cooley, one of the world's most technically advanced shredders, unveils the secret patterns, shapes and techniques that hav...
    List Price: $29.99Your Price: $26.99 with coupon
    • Series: Rock House
    • Subtitle: Insane Concepts & Total Mastery
  • Learn to Play Cajun Accordion
    DVD One - Starting Out: The one-row button accordion creates the defining sound that drives the waltzes and two-steps beloved by enthusiasts of Cajun music. Dirk Powell's step-by-step approach makes it ...
    List Price: $49.95Your Price: $44.96 with coupon
    • Series: DVD/Instructional/Folk Instrmt

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