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    Hey there, fellow jazz pianists!

    Developing a strong left hand is crucial for jazz piano, as it allows you to provide harmonic support and rhythmic drive when comping or playing solo piano. However, many pianists find it challenging to build independence, strength, and fluidity in their left hand.

    In this thread, let’s share our tips, exercises, and strategies for developing a strong left hand for comping and solo piano. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, we’d love to hear your insights and experiences.

    To kick off the conversation, take a look at this video by Julian Bradley from Jazz Tutorial, where he shares some effective exercises for developing left-hand independence and strength:


    Some key points from Julian’s video include:

    Practice left-hand voicings: Work on various left-hand voicings, such as rootless voicings and shell voicings, to develop harmonic knowledge and finger strength.

    Use Hanon exercises: Hanon exercises can help build left-hand strength and dexterity. Practice them with a focus on maintaining a relaxed hand position and evenness of tone.

    Work on left-hand stride patterns: Practicing stride piano patterns can help you develop left-hand independence, as it requires you to move quickly between bass notes and chords.

    What tips and exercises have you found helpful for developing a strong left hand? Do you have any questions or challenges related to left-hand technique? Share your thoughts and experiences, and let’s help each other become well-rounded jazz pianists!

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