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    Hello, fellow jazz pianists and recording enthusiasts!

    Whether you’re recording solo piano pieces, accompanying other musicians, or creating original compositions, having a solid recording setup is essential for capturing your performances and ideas with clarity and precision. From microphones and audio interfaces to room acoustics and recording software, there are many factors to consider when setting up your home studio.

    In this thread, let’s share our home studio setups, discuss the gear and software we use, and exchange tips for achieving the best possible jazz piano recordings.

    To get the conversation started, here’s a video by pianist and composer Christian Li, in which he shares his home studio setup for recording jazz piano and offers some valuable tips for getting a great sound:


    In the video, Christian discusses the importance of the following elements in his setup:

    Microphones: Christian uses a pair of Audio-Technica AT4041 small-diaphragm condenser microphones to capture the sound of his piano. The type and placement of microphones can have a significant impact on the recorded sound.

    Audio interface: A high-quality audio interface is essential for converting your microphone signals into digital audio. Christian uses the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, which provides multiple inputs and outputs for various recording situations.

    Recording software: Christian uses Logic Pro X for his recording and mixing needs, but there are many other options available, such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Cubase.

    Monitoring: Having accurate monitoring is essential for making informed decisions during the recording and mixing process. Christian uses Yamaha HS8 studio monitors and Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones for monitoring his recordings.

    What does your home studio setup look like? What gear and software do you use to record your jazz piano performances? Share your experiences, tips, and questions, and let’s help each other create the best possible recordings!

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