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    Hello, fellow jazz piano enthusiasts!

    Jazz piano has a rich history filled with incredible recordings by legendary artists. These recordings not only showcase the virtuosity and creativity of the performers but also serve as a source of inspiration and learning for generations of jazz pianists.

    In this thread, let’s share and discuss our favorite legendary jazz piano recordings. Whether it’s a solo performance, a trio setting, or a larger ensemble, let’s delve into the music that has shaped the jazz piano landscape and continues to inspire us today.

    To start the conversation, let’s take a look at this classic performance of “Round Midnight” by the great Thelonious Monk, recorded in 1957:


    Thelonious Monk’s unique approach to harmony, rhythm, and melody has made him one of the most influential jazz pianists of all time. “Round Midnight” is one of his most famous compositions, and this recording captures the essence of Monk’s singular style.

    What are your favorite legendary jazz piano recordings? Share your favorites, discuss the performances, and let’s explore the rich history of jazz piano together!

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