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    Hello, fellow jazz piano enthusiasts!

    Transcriptions are an essential part of learning jazz piano, as they allow us to study and analyze the techniques, phrasings, and styles of the great jazz pianists. Whether you transcribe solos yourself or use existing transcriptions, the process of working through these materials can greatly improve your understanding of the jazz language and your overall musicianship.

    In this thread, let’s share our favorite jazz piano transcriptions and resources, discuss the benefits and challenges of working with transcriptions, and help each other find valuable materials for study and practice.

    To start the conversation, here’s a fantastic transcription of Bill Evans’ solo on “Waltz for Debby,” beautifully notated by David Magyel:


    In the video, you can follow along with the sheet music as you listen to the solo, which can be a great way to internalize the nuances of Bill Evans’ playing.

    What are your favorite jazz piano transcriptions, and where do you find them? Share your recommendations, experiences, and questions, and let’s help each other make the most of these invaluable learning resources!

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