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Al Di Meola – Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody

Original Charts for Guitar, Piano and Bass

Compiled from Al Di Meola’s own handwritten scores, this collection features his original compositions from the 2011 album. Each song includes parts for multiple guitars, piano and bass, along with chord symbols to provide a unique view of the interplay between instruments as Al had conceived. 13 tracks: Bona · Brave New World · Destination Gonzalo · Fireflies · Full Frontal Contrapuntal · Gumbiero · Mawazine, Pt. 1 · Mawazine, Pt. 2 · Michelangelo’s 7th Child · Paramour’s Lullaby · Radical Rhapsody · Siberiana · That Way Before.

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Weight 14.3 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 cm
Series Artist Books
EAN 9780000000000
UPC 884000000000
ISBN 1458420574
Medium Softcover
Pages 120
  • Fireflies by Al Di Meola
  • Brave New World by Al Di Meola
  • Bona by Al Di Meola
  • Destination Gonzalo by Al Di Meola
  • Full Frontal Contrapuntal by Al Di Meola
  • Gumbiero by Al Di Meola
  • Mawazine, Pt. 1 by Al Di Meola
  • Mawazine, Pt. 2 by Al Di Meola
  • Michelangelo's 7th Child by Al Di Meola
  • Paramour's Lullaby by Al Di Meola
  • Radical Rhapsody by Al Di Meola
  • Siberiana by Al Di Meola
  • That Way Before by Al Di Meola


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