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Contemporary Piano Technique

Coordinating Breath, Movement, and Sound

This book/DVD pack teaches expressive, virtuosic, and healthy piano technique for contemporary and classical styles. Through integrated written directions and video examples, you will see exactly how to move your fingers, wrists, arms, feet, body and breath to achieve maximum expressive effect and technical facility. Developed by Berklee Piano Dept. Chair Stephany Tiernan as a continuation of the groundbreaking work of Mme. Margaret Chaloff, this approach to piano technique has been used by thousands of pianists worldwide. The DVD demonstrates each technique in isolation, and in the context of playing repertoire in jazz, rock, new age, Latin and classical styles.

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Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 cm
Series Berklee Guide
EAN 9780000000000
UPC 884000000000
ISBN 876390777
Medium Softcover with DVD
Pages 152


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