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Jazz Starters

Elementary Level Composer Showcase

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An outstanding introduction to jazz and blues for beginning students of any age! Bill Boyd’s trademark, stunning ability to translate real jazz style into easy, fun solos for the elementary pianist is readily apparent in each and every piece in this collection. These original, easy-to-play jazzy solos, use basic 5-finger patterns, at times shifting up to IV, V and back to the Tonic in a 12-bar blues pattern. Uses rhythms in quarter and half notes, simple meters, and basic keys. 10 Solos: B.B.’s Boogie · Blue Rock · Blues Prelude · Chill Out! · A Little Latin · Minor Is Finer · Rockin’ the Boat · Stompin’ · Swing-A-Ling.

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Weight 4.7 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 cm
Series Educational Piano Library
EAN 9780790000000
UPC 73999904253
ISBN 793523591
Pages 24
  • B.B.'s Boogie by B.B. King
  • Rockin' The Boat by Bill Boyd
  • Chill Out! by Bill Boyd
  • Stompin' by Bill Boyd
  • A Little Latin by Bill Boyd
  • Swing-A-Ling by Bill Boyd
  • Double Treble by Bill Boyd
  • Blue Rock by Bill Boyd
  • Minor Is Finer by Bill Boyd
  • Blues Prelude by Bill Boyd


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