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Modal Hanon

50 Exercises for the Intermediate to Advanced Pianist

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Propel your keyboard technique forward with this Private Lessons series book for intermediate to advanced pianists. Topics covered include: non-western scales · odd time signatures · exercises which can be transposed and modified · Greek, Turkish and Far Eastern modes · musical and melodic patterns · and more. With this book, you can build technique and dexterity, make excellent warmups, and develop a larger melodic vocabulary. It’s useful for the jazz, world music, pop, concert and film music genres and includes an index of scales.

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SKU: 266448 Category: Publisher1: Musicians Institute Press
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Weight 18.3 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 cm
Series Musicians Institute Press
EAN 9781540000000
UPC 888681000000
ISBN 1540022722
Medium Softcover
Pages 152


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