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The Harmony of Dave Brubeck

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As Reilly did with Volumes 1 and 2 of The Harmony of Bill Evans, he now explores the harmony of Dave Brubeck through extensive writings, music examples, and audio examples as well. Fans of Brubeck and students of all jazz styles will find this in-depth exploration fascinating and informative. Songs include: Blues for All · Brandenburg Gate · The Duke · Her Name Is Nancy · Marble Arch · Thank You (Dziekuje) · The Waltz · When I Was Young · and more.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 cm
Series Music Sales America
EAN 9781460000000
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ISBN 1458479897
Medium Softcover with CD
Pages 88
  • Weep No More by Dave Brubeck
  • The Duke by Dave Brubeck
  • Brandenburg Gate by Dave Brubeck
  • Golden Horn by Dave Brubeck
  • Marble Arch by Dave Brubeck
  • Thank You (Dziekuje) by Dave Brubeck
  • Calcutta Blues by Dave Brubeck
  • Her Name Is Nancy by Dave Brubeck
  • One Moment Worth Years by Dave Brubeck
  • Two Part Contention by Dave Brubeck
  • When I Was Young by Dave Brubeck
  • The Waltz by Dave Brubeck
  • All Parts by Jack Reilly
  • Blues For All by Jack Reilly
  • La-No-Tib Suite For Piano by Jack Reilly
  • Nomad by Dave Brubeck
  • Watusi Drums by Dave Brubeck
  • In Your Own Sweet Way by Dave Brubeck


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