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8 Etudes in Jazz Style

for Young Virtuosos with Small Hands Piano

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Piano teachers (as well as pupils) know about the problem of the adult concert repertoire: there is a lack of literature for young, talented and virtuoso 8-11 years old pianists, when the hands are in the process of growth but still small. This moment creates serious difficulties in the process of teaching gifted children who want to prove themselves in a full-scale concert repertoire, as most of the classical and romantic pieces contain octaves, wide chords and interval sequences that require an adult hand. Rosenblatt’s 8 Etudes in Jazz Style are the result of his cooperation with the pianist Michael Bischoffberger. All pieces are devoted to the development of the pianist’s basic technical skills: with scales, arpeggios, double notes, chord technique, cantilena and sustain pedaling skill. However, the pieces only use intervals smaller than the octave, the septima is the largest interval. The pieces are excellent for teaching and they sound absolutely adult, bright and fresh because of the jazz based style of the music. Excellent pieces for concert, teaching and competition.

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