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Jazz Piano

Essential Concepts Series

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Learn the essential concepts of jazz harmony and melody with Jazz Piano. This book and CD package contains a wealth of knowledge for any aspiring jazz musician. The accompanying CD holds 57 tracks for you to play along with and hone your improvising skills. It covers all aspects of jazz piano, including: seventh, altered and extended chords; progressions; rootless voicings; octave voicings; tritone substitution; functional harmony; chromatic harmony; scales and modes; what to play over various chord types; building melodies; soloing; and more!

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SKU: 695773 Category: Publisher1: Musicians Institute Press
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Weight 12.5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 cm
Series Musicians Institute Press
EAN 9780630000000
UPC 73999957730
ISBN 634061941
Medium Softcover with CD
Pages 96


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