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Jazz Piano Basics – Book 2

A Logical Method for Enhancing Your Jazzabilities

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Book 2 of a two-volume series that presents the fundamentals of jazz in a logical and accessible way, primarily through short progressive exercises. Ideal for classically-trained pianists in traditional lessons who may be a little cautious to learn jazz, as well as for players simply wishing to expand their existing jazzabilities! Book 2 explores concepts in greater depth and introduces the most important aspects of jazz theory in a style that’s easy to grasp. Also useful for pianists interested in participating in a school jazz program. The online audio tracks are indispensable to the series, in particular the fun and practical Q&A improv exercises. The book features 7 fully-fleshed original pieces: Jersey Jump · Beale Street Boogie · Bayou Blues · The Mississippi Magpie Rag · New Orleans Nocturne · South Side Stomp · Monkin’ the Blues.

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Weight 16.6 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 cm
Series Willis
EAN 9781500000000
UPC 888681000000
ISBN 1495094960
Medium Softcover Audio Online
Pages 144
  • Beale Street Boogie by Eric Baumgartner
  • New Orleans Nocturne by Eric Baumgartner
  • Monkin' The Blues (A Tribute To Thelonious) by Eric Baumgartner
  • Jersey Jump by Eric Baumgartner
  • Bayou Blues by Eric Baumgartner
  • Mississippi Magpie Rag by Eric Baumgartner
  • South Side Stomp by Eric Baumgartner


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